The Legend Of Memnos' Youth

Naeja has two children by Atep: Memnos and Thamos.
Upon their birth Isati prophecised that these two brothers, if allowed to exist together, would be the source of constant war where ever they met. So counciled that they should be seperated.
Naeja at first tried to ignore this prophecy. These children had their father's appreciation for law and so she could not see how they would not get along together. They were allowed to live in the eternal realms, but as they began to grow up they started fighting with each other more and more. Their battles became so incredible that they caused disaster in the heavens. At one point they knocked down the pillars holding up the sky. Finally Naeja realized she could not ignore the prophecy any longer and cast them out of the heavens.
Thamos was sent far away on the other side of the world to be raised by a mortal man and woman. He was given three animals to serve him: A white sheep, whose wool grew back immediately after being sheared, thus giving him all the clothing he and his family may need; a red highland cow, whose milk encouraged his growth as an immortal; and a black hound, who stood guard outside his home, and whose bark could stun a god and whose bite could kill a god.
Memnos, though, did not have such a disposition and Naeja put him upon a mountain above the plains of Sartha. There she sent Myrrae to raise him.
Memnos was given three divinely created animals to serve him: A silver goat, whose milk encouraged his growth as an immortal; a golden ram, who when killed would spring forth from the spot where he died again the next day, thus providing an infinite supply of fresh meat; and a black lion, who stood guard outside his cavern home and whose teeth and claws could kill a god. When Memnos got older he decided that he didn't needed the protection of the lion any longer and so he killed it with his bare hands and turned it into a cloak which he still wears.
Both men were sent gods to teach them.
Kalos trained them both in war, and forged them each a great weapon of war. Thamos was given a sword and Memnos a Spear.
Torinos, who created the horse (whose hooves are thunder in the skies), gave them each their pick of a great steed. Thamos chose white and Memnos black. He taught them to ride and fight from horse back.
Morinos taught them how to harvest the lands.
Kalos and Tornios took them each (seperately of course) out to battle giants and eventually Titans.
Thus each was prepared for his place in amongst the gods.
However, Thamos was raised by a mortal man and woman and thus was flawed in his raising. He became sympathetic to mortals and was thus weak in his love for them.
Memnos and Thamos only recalled each other as children, but they sensed each other's presence on the mortal world and both fealt an urge to seek each other out.

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