The Pillars Of The Citadels

The collective name given to those deities who brought civilization to the Parthans, saw the founding of the Great Citadels, and brought about the Age of Philosophy.

They are Salix, her sons Kionanthos and Ariston, and Kionanthos' offspring, Artageros, Elletaria and Ilex. This is their story:

Isati came to Ahad-Amal and bore him three children: Horaptuh, Sata, and Salix.

Sata was a vain and powerful warrior who sought fame through the destruction of monstrous beasts. Horaptuh was fascinated by the quest for knowledge, and soon began to study magic. Such practices had been strictly forbidden by the gods, though, and so he was exiled into the desert. Salix shared Horaptuh's intellect, but surpassed him in wisdom and devoted herself to the law of truth.

Salix was thus chosen by Isati to be betrothed to Strathose, the Cloud Titan, who also loved music and philosophy. Their son came to be known Ariston, the Sky Lord. Ariston was great and well-loved, for he was handsome and powerful. He recognized that he and his mother would never be at home with the Kamoran deities anymore than they could live forever with the Titans. Thus, he journeyed far and abroad to find a new path.

In Parthus he found a people who were daring and brave, but who struggled against the world. They were without letters, arts, or knowledge, and were ruled as much by petty warlords as they were by the predations of monsters. He came among them and fathered a generation of demigods who rose to champion the Parthan race. Ariston brought his progeny and their followers before his mother, and she approved of them. These Parthans were given gifts from Salix and her divine family: Kionanthos gave them letters, writing, and the ways of remembering their deeds; Artageros taught them the ways of trade and coin; Anthrus showed them the means by which to make tools, and Elletaria taught them how to make great works. Finally, Salix gave them laws and the desire for justice, so that Ariston's children and their followers could live together in harmony.

These Parthans went and created the Great Citadels, which endure to this day, and for which their descendants are so famous. Their first leaders were called Lawgivers and Philosophers, and the epoch they ruled during was called "the Age of Philosophy".

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