The Prophecy Of Eraston

7. The Star of Eraston, the coming of a comet that alters how magic works upon the world. Those who know how to take advantage of it can perform incredible rotes that will change the world. The comet "emerges" from the Eye of Aminus on the Great Conjunction and approaches the world. It takes 3600 years for it to make a full revolution. For much of its life the comet is barely visible to those who have the means (telescopes) to find it. It seems to move so slowly that it is believed by many to be a fixed object. The closer it gets to the Eye of Aminus, though, it seems to expand in power. It begins moving faster and gets larger. In the year before its exultation it enters the Ecliptics and as each sphere passes by it, its power is amplified dramatically (many spells can be made permanent, or are 10 or 20 times more powerful). In the last few months of its traverse, it crosses into the regions of the Arcane Constellations (the 9 spheres of magic). During each period that it appears in these constellations their magic is dramatically increased. Finally, on the great conjunction it enters the Eye of Aminus and as it aligns with the center of the eye it seems to burst into a brilliant array of color and then vanish. It then appears the next day diminishing quickly in power and receding back into the heavens. It quickly moves away at first until finally it is nearly invisible and moving slowly. Note: This is an oblong orbit with it making a sharp arc around the planet at its apex. Its apex aligns up with the northern most region (the Eye of Aminus), and then it begins its return home. When the Star of Eraston aligns with the Eye of Aminus, the Titans are awoken. All titans not somehow bound spiritually, will arise and begin to assemble their giantish armies. No one knows how long it will take before the battle begins or how long the whole event will last. What is certain is that not all the gods will survive, nor will all the Titans.

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