The Prophecy Of Nalghivorn

This prophecy was discovered scrolled upon a wall in a cavern deep in Ig-Baruk, forest of the Barukar Orcs. It was clearly written down by an orcish prophet, but who that prophet was is long forgotten. One of the orcs who discovered the Prophecy used it begin a small cult worshipping the deity Nalghivorn. When the Barukar arose, he sought them out, to join them and begin to fulfill that prophecy.

The rule of the Dead Lord shall last for thousands of years, but end as prophecy foretells.
When thrice the stars align around the black steed, and seven cycles have passed thereafter, a new age shall begin. (2720 years ago; now is1281 NC)

“Gone is the Great Lord, bound by adamant chains in the flames of Malvarzuth. But Lo! A new destiny awaits the Children of War, when in the night of day the God of Bones battles the Shield God over the Lake of Blood in the Land of the First Father, so will our Great Lord rise again!”

The return of Vornikhar was preceeded by the Barukar being corrupted by the Cauldron of Morvos. They became half-demon orcs that spread quickly throughout all the orc races by making those orcs they captured consume their blood in a ritual. This led to a huge army of Barukar rising up. Vornikar's priests became strong and the Barukar spread over the world. They attacked the ancient Orc homeland, Shanothyr, and were able to complete the ritual to free Vornikar's soul from his infernal prison. However, as Vornikar rose he was weak and when Tiercellus and Gamorgh joined forces to defeat him they struck down his mortal form and he became part of the earth again. At the end of this great war two heroes became full divinites: Kalthanan and Bartal.

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