The Prophecy Of Sha Lok

As foretold by the prophets of the Orog:

When the northmen cross the sea and wage war upon our kin all this shall come to pass:
The Great King, stirred from his cavern keep, shall stride forth upon the lands.
He will raise to his sides the Black Brute, whose might is unequaled,
and the Blood Lord, whose blade runs with the blood of those he has slain.
They, his generals, shall call to arms the tribes, ending all feuds and uniting all bloods.
They shall be sent forth upon the foe, to drive them from our lands, and back into the seas.
The northmen shall be panicked, fleeing like the deer before the rabid wolves.
But, the Great King shall pursue, crossing the seas, and ravaging the northmen’s lands.
Villages shall burn and death shall soak the snows, and run the rivers red.
Not until the icy seas recede, though, shall the blood-lust of the orog warriors be sated.
Then the army shall be recalled, and the ships bear them home, where the feuds shall renew.
But in the wake of the orogs, shall be left those northmen who suffered the ill fates of war.
Left in ruin some northmen shall be filled with hatred, turning their minds to revenge.
One, more than others who burn for vengeance, shall posses the strength to exact it.
From the line of men and ogres shall he be borne, a mighty warrior taller than any orog.
Orphaned by the war, he will wander the icy lands of the northmen alone.
The steed he shall ride will be black as char with eyes that burn like embers in the night.
His axe shall be forged by his own hands; cold wrought from iron ore that fell from the stars.
So great shall it be that no other man could lift it, and it shall be a bane unto his foes.
He shall be called Sha’Lok (The Destroyer), as all that stand before him shall be destroyed.
Those he puts beneath his axe shall fall away like limbs hewn from a tree.
And when the orogs are gone from his lands, he shall cross the sea to hunt us in our own.
The shadow of his presence will drive the tribes into the heart of darkness.
The Black Brute will rise to face the Destroyer, but fall before his might, his bite taken.
Unrelenting Sha’lok shall push on, until he stands at the feet of the Great King, and calls his doom.
Hence their fates shall both be sealed, one to fall before the mass, the other to be mortally wounded.
Thus shall come the time of the Destroyer, and the orogs shall know only death there after.

This precedes the other prophecies. It speaks of Sha'lok the Destroyer, a Troel Born from the Valdar who fulfilled the prophecy by destroying the three great orc Giant Lords, and leaving only Gamorgh to rule. Sh'Lok died from his wounds but following his death Gamorgh rose to divine power.

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