The Ring Of The Greatest Warrior Ever Known

Ring of the Greatest Swordsman Ever Known (Major Artifact)


This glorious ring is granted to the greatest swordsman ever known. Anyone who sees him instantly knows he is the greatest swordsman ever. The first time the bearer encounters any new foe in combat (once ever for each foe), the bearer of the ring is granted a morale bonus equal to the difference in his Base Attack Bonus and his opponents’ Base Attack Bonus +1 (bringing his base attack bonus to a minimum of 1 point higher than his opponents, or his own, whichever is higher). This is a Mind Affecting ability, with no saving throw (Caster level 40th for SR purposes). The bonus lasts for as long as the two foes are engaged in consecutive rounds of combat. Any break in combat ends the enchantment (the DM decides what is an action is considered a ‘combat action’ for determining consecutive rounds).
The ring is a mithril band with a large and incredibly rare blue Sky Diamond flanked by two triangular white diamonds and set in an elaborately decorated mount. On the inside of the band is single phrase written in the magical language of an ancient race that was lost to history. No known magical spells can translate these words, and Read Magic will only reveal that they are of magical nature. It is believed by a couple sages who have studied the ring that it was created by a long ago destroyed ancient race of powerful magic users, and if one could find out what the words mean, and read them aloud, the power of the ring would be granted permanently to the bearer. There is one, though, who believes the ring was created by a Demon of Temptation and the words will bind the bearer’s soul to the ring, and the divinations that suggest otherwise are meant to trap those who lust for even greater power.

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