The Serpent Of Wazgard


Location: the following towns in the realm of Moar: Silverdeep, Wazgard, Smierca

Time: Season of Torin 1307 N.C.


Zmegnev, the Serpent of Wazgard

Thaladrim's Forge

Visions of Torik's Prophet

Duervan Legends of Styladuum

The Bamorian Valley

The Way Under

Magical Items of significance:

Faradak's Barzubands


The Helms of Faradak and Thaladrim

The Golden Axe of Valdrig Gyldedbyrd

Lagmar's Hammer

Ring of Stone Lore

Shield of the Just Hand

Shimmer Wind

Staff of Power

Duervan Waraxe of Divine Might


Map of Moar


The Duervan Key Stone

Duervan Key Stone, Runes

Faradak's Shrine

Faradak's Path

The Bone Pass 1

The Bone Pass 2

Important Historical and Religious characters




Nox Finnegan, Priest of the Ronan Church
Traven, Wizard of the Royal Order of Wizardry


The People of Wazgard
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Rajanput Prophet of Tornus Prophet (?)
Adalbert Nine Fingered Piast of Wazgard Cavalier (9)
Jadwiga Piast’s Wife
Janusz Piast’s Son Cavalier (1)
Dobrogost Best Rycer of Wazgard Cavalier (7) deceased
Krzesimir 2nd Best Rycer of Wazgard Cavalier (5) deceased
Lukasz Rycer of Wazgard Cavalier (3) deceased
Mariusz. Priest of Tornus of Wazgard Cleric (5)
Ludwik Priest of Tornus Cleric (3)
Lew Priest of Tornus Cleric (2) deceased
Maciej Priest of Tornus Cleric (1)
Nikodem Priest of Tornus Cleric (1)
Malina Mariusz’s lovely daughter
The People of SilverDeep:
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Cornelius Drakeford Magistrate (Ronan) aristocrat
Tom Drakeford Inn-Keeper of the Silver Kettle (Moarvik) commoner
Adelaid Drakeford. Inn-Keeper’s Wife (Moarvik) commoner
Hosoku Bamorian Captain of the Guard (Bamorian) Fighter (5) returned home
Cardom Foreman of the Mines (Ronan) Fighter (2)
Baldric SilverDeep Guard (Ronan) Fighter (3)
Wizards of the Royal Order of Wizardry in Tharthin
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Prefekt Allorast Wizard of Royal Order, Prefekt Wizard (8)
Master Wailborn Wizard of Royal Order, Master Wizard (6)
Lektor Bonnhome Wizard of Royal Order, Lektor Wizard (6)
Master Kerver Wizard of Royal Order, Master Wizard (5)
Master Ealdraed Wizard of Royal Order, Master Wizard (5)
Master Mordikan Wizard of the Royal Order, Master Wizard (5)
Master Socalles Wizard of the Royal Order, Master Wizard (5) deceased
Duervar from Bormfeld (the Iron Hill) staying at Thaladrim's Forge
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Badros Blakbyrd (Deceased) Fighter (4) Had been Arnost's Close friend. Frozen by the Shards of Norghivald
Vallo Stundar older brother of Ballo Fighter (3) Arnost's cousin
Ballo Stundar younger borther of Vallo Fighter (2) Arnost's cousin
Donrel Baldrock Priest of Belderak Cleric (4)
Gored Himbar Mountaineer Ranger (3)
Mordo Dulaxe (Deceased) Old fighter Fighter (6) trained Arnost in fighting. Slain by a goblin hunter.
Bordo Dumbar Very young rogue Rogue (2) Arnost's cousin
Dumbar Stundar Very young bard Bard (1) Arnosts' cousin
Elder Bellok Thundarig Representative of Thain of Bormfeld Fighter (4)
Priests of the Ronan Church
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Archbishop Armistead Archbishop of the See of Moar Cleric (12)
Bishop Audovacar Marsalek Prelate of the Diocese Southern Moar Cleric (7)
Chancellor Julian Janovow Vicar in the service of Bishop Marsalek Cleric (5)
Vicar Brenig Moreno Vicar of Silverdeep Cleric (3)
Father Albert Starek Priest of Smierca Cleric (2)
The People of Smierca
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Bartek (m) Eldest male member of village, leads the men
Bruno (m) Young brutish man, does what Bartek tells him
Dariusz (m) Young handsome man, has lots of women
Gustaw (m) Older farmer, lost beloved daughter
Gregorz (m) Younger blacksmith
Beata Oldest Woman, leads the Women’s Circle (in her 40s)
Adela Bartek’s wife, 30 something, pregnant, runs the Inn
Edyta Bruno’s wife, 20 something, very attractive, goes after men
Eleonora Young attractive woman, pregnant, has six daughters (about 27)
Adriana Young attractive woman, goes after men, early twenties
Alicja Young attractive woman, goes after men, early twenties
Beatrycze Young homely woman, goes after men, early twenties
Berta Young average looking woman, goes after men, early twenties
Cecylia Young pregnant woman
Celestyn Young pregnant woman
Dosia Teenager, shy
Ewa Teenager, shy
Hania Teenager, sexy, goes after men (hoping witch won’t want her)
Ilona Old woman, in service of the Witch, delivers her messages
Iwona Old woman
Izabella Old Woman
Bamorians of Vale of Dorel
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Malla Rindaru of the Balla Highest of the Rindari in the Vale of Dorel
Hovek An old Bamorian warrior Husband of Malla
Hosoku Bamorian warrior Son of Malla and Hovek; previously of Silver Deep
Meren Young average looking Bamorian woman Daughter of Malla and Hovek
Araku Rindaru of the Balla Hosoku’s aunt; Malla's Sister
Araki A Bamorian Ranger Araku's husband
Detara An older bamorian woman
Gandor A Valeguard Husband of Detara
Landor A Valeguard Son of Detara and Gandor
Kindar A young Bamorian messenger Son of Detara and Gandor
Osari A Bamorian Woman Sister of Detara
Toral A Bamorian Warrior and Scout
Sanda A younger Bamorian Woman very lovely
Agtor Eldest man of the village
Keldravar of Imbardun
Name Description Class (lvl)/Class(lvl) Notes
Thaim Valdrig XXXIX Thaim of Imbardun Fighter
Dagos Herald
Stable Hand
Baladin Captain of a Steam Barge
Angdin Elder crew member


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