The Skarrellands

Land of the highland heather, land of the longbroad river, green are the glens forever, hail Skarrelland!
Tales of the god-kin warriors, told on the painted boulders, sung in the bard's old stories; hail Skarrelland!
Broad is the swordsman's shoulders, great are the Skarrel warriors, Strong sound the Clansmen pipes, rolling down the glens.
Brave are the men of tartan, targe, dirk and claymore bearin', always for freedom fightin'; hail Skarrelland!

Lost is the spear of legend, now is the time of huntin', long is the search and strivin'; hail Skarrelland!
Many are the men a comin', bloody is the war a'brewin', northmen the spear are seekin'; hail Skarrelland!
Tall is the ancient Gy'nt, long gone but soon returnin', strongly the spear be singing when they come again.
Great is the King whose comin', known by the blade he's wieldin', proud is the song he's singing; hail Skarrelland!

Proudly we sing for thee, hail Skarrelland!

~Song of the Ancient Skarrells

Continent: Old Camus
Government: Clans
Capital: Artain'ad'airdh
Major Cities: Adairaside, Darmoheld, Glenhilloc,
Primary Races: Duneimen-[[[Skarrells]], Duneimen-Verosians (Sorans), Duervar-(Keldravar), Bamorians (Kalamak)
Primary Religion: Druid, Kalrik
Primary Products: Agricultural, Herding (cows, sheep, goats), Mining (Iron, Copper, Lead)
Allies: Bamoria, Duervar
Neutrals: Sora, Gand, Sylvanmyr
Enemies: Valderheim, Rona


Long have lived the Skarrels in the lands of Lohar. Their pipes and drums have echoed through the hills for the many millenia man has lived upon the world. Their ancient legends are kept and passed through the songs of the bards, and are painted upon the tall stones that rise from the green grasses of their country. They are children of Kalrik, god of war, who had six sons by mortal women in ancient times, and who established the first six clans. It is said that though they long ago died their blood lives on in their children, and the mighty chieftains are and will be born time and time again until the final battle comes between men and giants, between gods and titans. All Skarrels are born again, so the story goes, to prove themselves in battle, so they may be ready for this last great conflict. Those who are greatest, though, are able to abide in the afterlife alongside Kalrik himself, reveling in the glories of his halls, at least for a time. Though Kalrik is their war-god, the Skarrels are a druidic people, following ancient ways and heeding the wisdom and fortellings of these ancient holymen.

The Skarrellands once were considered most of the open highlands and plains of the land called Old Camus, but when the Ronans came, they usurped much of the west and north. These lands eventually became the kingdom of Sora. What remains of the Skarrellands are the lands south of the River Vaaish which becomes the Adair River. Also, north of the Adair River their lands extend up to Loch Dread. The exact borders between Skarrelland and Sora are sketchy and a point of constant contention, primarily because the Skarrells aren't a kingdom of their own, but instead a collection of clans, most of whom don't recognize Sora's rights to the land.



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