The Undead

A terrible secret was discovered by Horaptuh, that is the necroptic forces of the netherworld. He learned the secret of immortality in defiance of Hedeara, but it was more horrific than he could have conceived. Still the power to animate the dead, and even keep the soul trapped within the lifeless mortal form, has been desired by many. So much so, that Horpatuh was betrayed by his own son and pupil, Talorn, who killed him and took domain over the power. Talorn shares this secret with those who will serve him, and he holds the key to the gates of the Netherworld, being the conduit for its power into the Mortal World. Thus are created the Undead:

The Reanimated: Those undead who are simply mindless cadavars infused with netherworld energy to control them.

Skeletal Minion

The Soul Bound: Those undead who have their souls bound to a physical form, either by their own will or against it, but not due to the direct will of a god.

Barrow Hound: This wretched beasts are the spirits of hunting and war hounds bound to the grave of their earthly master. Sometimes they serve other Soul Bound or Accursed (such as Dread Warriors and Vampires).


The Accursed: Those undead who are the result of a curse afflicted upon them by a god.

Dread Warriors

The Restless Spirits: Those undead who have no phyiscal form but are lifeless spirits returned from beyond the grave to wander the mortal world without true form.


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