The Valdar Realm

In the far north eastern corner of the world there is a peninsula of earth and snow called Valderheim, jutting down from Thothgald, the great glacier, into the Sea of Aegis. It is here that a race called the Valdar have learned to master the seas and raid foreign lands. These people worship gods of the raw forces of the world and battle the ancient giants and Tröls who ravage their lands. They have long battled and also traded with the Skarrels and often attack the coasts of the Ogre Kingdoms.

The Valdar do not have great civilizations. They have many Konungr and Jarls who rule in various small kingdoms across their peninsula and on the shores of lands they have explored and settled. Some of these are no more than a collection of homes centered around a great hall. Others are massive forts with great walls surrounding a well laid out plan of hundreds of structures. These are those realms:


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