The Veil

The Veil is a border that seperates the Mortal Realm from the Eternal Realms and Elemental Realms. Though it isn't visible from either side, it can be entered by those who know where to find the portal through, or know the spells to transport them into it. Within the Veil it appears as a silvery mist, in which float the random elements of both reality and imagination.

Within the Veil can be found the Other Worlds of the Fey, The Plane of Shadow, and the City of Twilight.

Once one enters the Veil they can pass through to any realm they know how to find.

Currently the force of corruption is moving through the Veil, by spreading the influence of the Plane of Shadow. It has overthrown many of the Other Worlds and Morwyn, its queen, intends to control all of the Veil. If sucessful, she may stop all transport between the Mortal Realm and the Eternal Realms, preventing priests from getting their divine power, trapping those caught on either side, and granting her the means to invade the Mortal Realm.

The Teleportation Barrier is also tied heavily to the movements of theVeil, which in turn is affected by the movement of the spheres.

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