The Wand Called Finn Finnegan S Folly

The Wand called “Fin-Finnegan’s Folly” (wand)
This sturdy blue maple branch is set with mithril gnomish runes. The story of the wand is actually quite curious. Fin-Finnegan was a gnomish wizard from the hills of Huen-Hildobrag. He was very famous for his many great deeds and when the Dragon Magravaldt moved into the area the people came to him for help. He confronted the beast and threatened to turn it into a cow if it didn’t leave their lands. It didn’t believe his bluff and chased him into the forest. There he turned himself into a maple tree, a dumb move considering it was a pine forest. The dragon spotted him easily and gouted the forest in fire. Those who witnessed it told others. The story got around and a human wizard later learned about the legend and went to find the tree. Sure enough there it was, a charred old maple. The roots were still somewhat alive, though. The gnome had survived the dragon’s breath but was permanently a tree. The human wizard took the last living branch and crafted a wand of magic missiles. However, Fin-Finnegan’s “essence” entered the wand. The wand gives empathic impulses. Finnegan was insatiably curious and foolish. He would often get himself in over his head and those who wield the wand will regularly get the urge to do something stupid or go look at something that probably shouldn’t be investigated.

Contains the “essence” of Fin-Finnegan, an insatiably curious and foolhearty gnomish wizard.
Int: 17, Wis: 10, Chr 14 ;Alignment: Chaotic Good; Empathy

Primary Abilities:
-The wielder gains the benefit of Spell Penetration on any spell cast using the wand. (The wand must be held in hand and pointed at the target during casting). +2 bonus to beat a creature’s spell resistance.
-Telekinesis (250 lb. Maximum, 1 minute each use) 2/day

The wand has 30 charges: Magic Missile (9th level caster)

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