The War Of The Spear

The Past: Long have the Valdar and the Skarrells been enemies. Some of the Valdar tribes have regularly raided the eastern coasts of the Skarrellands. They pillage, rape and murder. The Skarrells have always fought them off. Not all Valdar are so cruel, though. Some tribes only pillage the shores of the Ogre Kingdoms. Many Valdar claim, though, that their raids upon the Skarrells began after their own villages were attacked by these southern barbarians. The Valdar say they once lived on the shores of Lohar and enjoyed treatise and trade with the Skarrells. But then the Skarrells picked up their axes and spears and followed the way of Kalrik, the way of War. They slew the Valdar and drove them from their lands. The Valdar say their raids are justified, as they are only retaking what was once theirs. There have been some Valdar invasions, though. Huge numbers of Valdars have gathered, many tribes, and at one time tried to invade the Skarrellands. The Skarrel chieftains gathered and chose a War Lord from amongst their greatest priests of Kalrik. Hugh Magarin was chosen and he led the Skarrells in a twenty year war to drive out the Valdar. In the end the Valdar fled.
In Valderheim, every 75 years, the Giants return. They pillage and murder, destroying the land and taking from it all they want. These Giants stay in Valdarheim for 5 years before leaving, but take with them the sons of all the chieftains as a tribute. They do not return for 75 years, and claim to let these young princes grow to men so long as the Valdar never try to invade their lands.
The Present: The Valdar are threatened with the return of the Giants and have learned of a great weapon lost in the Skarrellands that is prophecised to be able to destroy the kill the Giant Chieftain and end the giant threat. The Valdar are preparing to invade the Skarrellands once again, hoping to wrench this great artifact from the hands of those who stole it from them.
The Future: The Valdar will invade the Skarrellands seeking the Spear of Isati. The Skarrells will once again call upon a War Lord to lead them. There will be a massive war that will rage between the two. In this time the ancient King of Camus will "return". That is, the true heir to Sorik will be found from amongst the Skarrells, a man who will be raised as a Knight and will succeed to the throne of Sora. He will unite the Skarrells and the Sorans to face the threat of the Valdar. The Time of the Giants will be at hand. When they return and discover the Valdar at war in the south with the Skarrells they will begin to devestate the Valdar lands. The King of Camus and the Skarrell War Lord will meet with the leader of a Valdar faction that claim they no longer want to war with the Skarrells but rather seek their aid in disovering the weapon needed to defeat the Giants. The Giants may even be coming south to battle the Valdar and seek their "tributes", who are involved in the war. This would pose at threat to all three cultures. The three human cultures will unite, for a time, against the Giants. The Giant Lords will cross the sea to join in this battle. The Isenjyr will leave Nordilheim to battle the Giant Lords. Kalrik, war lord of the Skarrells, will call upon the blood lines of his six sons to renew their warrior spirits and from the clans will rise six quasi-deities who will join their father in this battle. The Sons of Kalrik and the Isenjyr will find no common allegiance and begin picking fights with each other. Thus will begin a war of Skarrells, Valdar and Giants; culminating in a massive Battle in which one of the three will be victorious over the other two. Only the Sorans will escape destruction, falling back and focusing on destroying the one true enemy, the Giants. Thamor will send forth some of the Chosen to help in this battle, led by Bartal Dreadnaut.
The Prophecy: The Skarrells and the Valdar have a prophecy that a war will begin between them that will end with one of the two surviving. This war will be signaled three events: 1) The disappearance of a Valdar Prince, 2) A massive storm from the south, 3) A new star appearing in the sky. The war will end with the gods of both cultures battling against each other and only one pantheon will be victorious.
Notes: The three events leading up to the war will be as follows:
1) The Vanished Prince: There will be two grandsons of a Valdar Thegn who will find out they are the direct descendants of ?????. Their father was taken by the giants when they were just boys. One, the eldest, will decide he must raise an army to attack the Giants on their own land, hoping to free their father. He will leave with a large force of Valdar warriors. The younger, will realize that his brother will only bring the Giants back early and this time they will destroy their people. He realizes he must find the Spear of Isati to be ready to face their foes. He leaves for the Skarrellands. Both princes have vanished, either could have been the first sign.
2) The Storm from the South: The Valdar do not worship Torik, but the Skarrells do. Every year Torik sends massive storms against the eastern coasts of the Skarrellands. When one such a storm misses the eastern coast and goes up to hit the Valdar, their priests will claim it was an act of holy war. They will begin looking for the third sign and begin telling the Thegns they must prepare to war with the Skarrells.
3) The Star: When a new star (a comet) appears in the sky, the Valdar will decide it is time. They will gather their armies and invade the Skarrellands.
While the prophecy will be fulfilled, I am not declaring which of the two cultures will end or how. Will the Skarrells be slain by the Valdar? Will the cooperative forces of the Skarrells and the Sorans defeat the Valdar? Will the Giants actually defeat one of the two? Will the two become one as they join forces against the Giants, hence only "one of the two surviving".
The Spear of Isati, is a spear created by the goddess' priests, and given to the one true Thegn of the Valdar. After ???? defeated Isen and became an Isenjyr they decided to leave the Valdar behind. Before he left he handed the spear to his remaining mortal son, thereby afirming his position as Thegn. Over the many thousands of years since, though, the Spear was lost. It is said to have been taken on an invasion of the Skarrell lands by the Thegn at that time, and lost when he and all his men were killed by a dragon. Supposedly the spear is still in that dragon's lair, but no one knows where that is. If the Spear of Isati could ever be found, the Valdar tribes could unite under a single Thegn. Maybe then they would be victorious over the Skarrells. The Spear also, supposedly, has the power to kill Titans, and thus would be ideal for battling the Giant Lords.

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