A Thema is both an administrative division and a military command that is placed under the administration of an Archon by a Citadel's Primus.

The Thema can either be a district of the Citadel's fortified urban center, or a part of its rural domains. It is symbolic of the belief system of the Parthan Order and the lynchpin of the society of Parthus itself. Each Parthan citizen is granted a plot of land - or an equivalent source of income - and in return he is expected to fight for the Citadel that this ultimately belongs to, as well as the Primus whom the gods themselves have decreed rule over him. A Thema is the sum total of those plots, herds, mines, etc., within a part of the Citadel's domain.

While there is no hard rule on what size an area a Thema needs to include, during war a Thema must be able to provide five hundred men of fighting age. Given the population of most Citadels, there are typically at least five Themata.

In the army of a Citadel, the Thema is the smallest military formation able to fight independently of other forces.

A Thema is further subdivided into districts and enclaves defined by the Fraternities each is home to.

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