Thread Of Mending

THREAD OF MENDING (wondrous magical item)
Aura: CL: Slot: - ; Price: gp ; Weight: 1.5 lbs ;


This spool of fine white thread is drawn from the silk of an ethereal-spider and is used to mend magical robes, cloaks and other garments. Damage to such magical clothing is common and reparing them can be difficult. When this thread is used to stitch a rend in magical cloth, the material mends together perfectly and the thread vanishes, being consumed in the repair. What more, the thread also repairs damage from fire, acid and other devestating elements. Arcane patterns must be sewn into the material at three points around the damage. Upon cutting the last thread, the material mends instantly. The thread can't repair damage if less than half the material remains. The spool is 6 inches tall and made of rare woods. A new spool can have up to 1200 yards of thread. That is enough to mend up to 2000 ten inch tears, or to form the seams in up to 10 new garments.
New garments fashioned with this magical thread have unique characteristics. The garment will mend its own repairs, at a rate of six inches per round. It is much more resistant to damage, gaining a +5 for item saving throws. Finally, it also grants the wearer the ability to go ethereal three times per day as a swift action. The person may stay ethereal as long as they wish, and returning is also a swift action.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, ; Cost gp

The spool is 6 3/4 inches tall and made of rare woods; the base of the spool is about 4 inches in diameter and the top of the spool measures 3 inches in diameter. A new spool can have up to 1200 yards of thread, or about 200,000 stitches. A repair takes about 10 stitches per inch. A ten inch tear thus requires abot 100 stitches. Thus a full spool can mend up to 2000 ten inch tears. The thread can also be made to fashion new garments. The the seams on new garments must be much sturdier, and thus require 20 stitches per inch. Assuming a pattern requires 20,000 stitches (most require fewer), you could make up to 10 new garments with a full spool of this thread.

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