Power: IG
Alignment: NG
Pantheons: Gelvani Gods
Titles: Defender of Arvanis
Portfolio: Protection, War, Tactics
Symbol: A shield with a great elven tree upon it, half black and leafless against a silver background, the other half silver and leaved against a black background. This represents the forests of Gelvanmyr, showing the contrast of destruction vs. prosperity which can only be afforded through a strong defense.
Constellation: As with most Gelvani Gods, Tiercellus does not have an astrological representation.

Description: Tiercellus is the newly risen Gelvani God of War, but his greatest power is his dominion over protection. For Tiercellus is responsible for the total defense of Arvanis, and what more his priests are the defenders of Mirivia. He is a master tactician and strategist, having fought in many mortal and eternal wars. Tiercellus is a kind, good natured, but often brooding soul. He has an affinity with the sixth blood few of his fellow gods can understand because he was once one of their caste. Tirecellus is a young god and because of his mortal past his mind still dwells upon the concerns of that world. This is a good thing, though, as it is upon the mortal world that future wars may be waged. Already he has proven himself, when he battled and defeated the returning corrupted titan of war, Vornikar.

Appearance: Tiercellus usually appears in one of three forms. Most often when engaging in battle and when the Gelvani are at war, he appears in the form he held as a mortal, a War Wizard wearing black dragon scale armor and bearing his twin Eol'Lanyr, Final Strike and Sentinel, and donning shadowcloak made of shadow dragon hide. When not in battle, or when the Gelvani are at peace, he will appear in the manner of a Roch'Dorai, wearing finely detailed silver Gelvani Plate Armor and a sky blue cloak. He wields the shield Uhrlan, which bears his family crest, and wields one of his two swords. In both forms he appears as he became when he was first named a Proxy of Gelthena, a Gelvani of indeterminate origin, in tribute to her faith in him. Often though, he will travel the world as a young Que-Gelvani warrior wearing Gelvani chainmail, an eol'lanyr of moderate magical power and a simple shield. He seems a curious adventurer, regularly asking questions and getting into things he shouldn't. In this way he leads his loyal worshipers towards answers they seek without directly revealing himself. On rare occasions, Tiercellus will appear to followers in hours of need in the most subtle of ways, using wind, moonlight, or dreams. He generally dislikes being overt, but encounters with him always ensure his presence is felt when needed, even if the meaning of such a meeting isn't particularly clear. Tiercellus is a creature of thought, well-preparedness and calculated action, and enjoys inspiring these characteristics in those who follow him.

Personality: Tiercellus is an adventurous, courageous, and valiant deity, who places great respect to peace and harmony, and looks down upon unnecessary violence. He detests war, but is the first to point out when it is needed. He has tremendous respect for those that sacrifice all for what they believe in, even though they may be enemies. Tiercellus respects the concept of allies, and always pursues alliances with other powers of good. Tiercellus is very open-minded, and is able to understand and work well with almost any perspective of an ally. He is gifted in his ability to take many different allies of varying philosophies , and mold them into a cohesive, effective fighting force. He believes in the strength of the individual working with the strengths of others to form a greater whole that is much more than the sum of its parts. He is both lawful and chaotic in thought, and can work well with any group in any situation. Tiercellus was born a mortal, and so brings a unique perspective to the pantheon, in that he understands that basic concepts of mercy, camaraderie, and compassion for individual lives in an army are great for troops and troop morale. He has seen mortal death first hand, and has had to deliver the news to the families of fallen soldiers, and so understands the true horror of war more than most gods. In a sense, Tiercellus sees himself as a power of death not unlike Elghinn, with whom he feels a small degree rivalry. His actions by their nature advocate death, and he has had to resign himself to the fact that every decision he makes affects - and sometimes even decides - which Gelvani live and which die.

Personally, Tiercellus himself is as complicated as he is capable. When he speaks, it is usually with a friendly tone and a jovially wry grin. When silent, he seems void of expression; as his calculating, almost alien mind churns infinitely on the duties he concerns himself with. On the eve of battle, he is quiet, melancholy and dark, grieving for the lives that will be taken; his mind gazing upon the battlefield playing out every move that would be made to the most infinitesimal detail. Prior to and during the battle, Tiercellus is charismatic and resolute, knowing that all is so for a reason, and that victory is unconditionally necessary. He is confident, but humble and respectful. He views his position as God of War and Protection as an advisor to Gelthena, bringing his points of view to the great matron goddess, even if they are in conflict with her’s, simply because he believes that conflicting views are important in determining the proper course of action. Once Gelthena has made a decision, however, Tiercellus views it as Law, not to be challenged or disputed. Tiercellus is very patient and cooperative, offering to work out a compromise. He thinks of himself as an arbiter and is more than willing to admit when his opinions are wrong, looking to the greater good, and believing others should be as well. Tiercellus’ hatred for his enemies is usually never seen, but is great and unchecked by anything save his respect for them and his patience. Above all, Tiercellus strives to be shrewd and pragmatic; creative, yet calculating; and well-prepared, yet innovative. He is aware that his station allows him little comfort, and has long considered himself "a shadow that stands between the darkness and the light."

Tiercellus is a deity that gives credit where it is due, promoting the exploits of his allies as well as his own to his priests. He views his station as being greater than himself, and will gladly yield some of his power if it were for the greater good of his people.

Tiercellus is one of only a few of the Sel-Valatha-Gelvani who have been risen to the power of the gods. He was born upon the mortal realm and lived a fairly normal life until his family was slain and their tree home destroyed by invading orcs (a foreshadowing of a future war with the Barukar). Tiercellus then began the long journey towards his destiny, which led him to become a great leader of Mirivia in two Orog'Khan. He was chosen by Kelamin as an eternal servitor, for his masterful knowledge of tactics. He aided Arvanis when Gamorgh and his army of orc souls invaded that eternal realm. When Kelamin was wounded in battle, Tiercellus was temporarily granted part of his power to perform his duties in the defense of Arvanis. Later, when Kelamin revolted against Gelthena, Tiercellus remained loyal to the mother goddess and for that was stripped of his power and cast back to Naeja by the war god. Tiercellus fought his way back to the eternal realm, risking his life and very soul, to return to Gelthena's side. Seeing his courage and resolve, Gelthena chose Tiercellus to be her champion on the fields of Arvanis against Kelamin. She granted him the power of the gods, and Loran bestowed upon him the his power over "protection". Tiercellus, now a god nearly as poweful as Kelamin, led the assault on his former master's fortress and then faced the god of war in singular combat. By then Kelamin had lost so many worshipers due to the war raging in the mortal realms of Gelvanmyr that he and Tiercellus were on an equal footing. It all came down to tactics, skill, courage and resolve. As the duel set in it became clear that Tiercellus had the upper hand. Kelamin knew he was defeated and he then realized that he was no longer the right person to lead the Gelvani in war. He decided too that he could neither go on serving under the capricious rule of Gelthena nor maintain his honor as an outcast god. He stopped the battle, and admitted defeat to Tiercellus at which point he bequeath upon his former servitor his power over war. Tiercellus at that moment became greater than Kelamin, but also realized the god's true will. Knowing the honor of death in battle was important to Kelamin, he granted him a dignified end. They finished the duel which ended in Kelamin's death. Tiercellus was now the Gelvani god of war. Gelthena dubbed him defender of Arvanis. As Kelamin had spoken, Tiercellus saw that Gelthena did not want desire an existence of war for her people, and he became a god focused on the protection of the Gelvani and their way of life.

Tiercellus views Gelthena as his sole superior, but has a great respect for Loran, serving him as well. He views Reahnyn as a strong ally, sharing many of her beliefs and showing her great respect. He sees Elghinn as a friendly rival, respecting his place among the gods, but striving hard to save as many as he can from the Keeper of the City of Twilight. He sees himself as a kindred spirit of both Quelanon and Kalthanan, viewing them as brothers in arms. Even though he is now far superior, Tiercellus respects Kalthanan as an equal because of his great skill and long standing friendship. Tolathar is considered an ally by Tiercellus, despite the fact that they were once rivals and Tolathar served Kelamin in the Valatha'Khan. Tiercellus works with Tolathar in solidifying the Drey-Gelvani deity’s position within the pantheon. Tiercellus will eagerly aid Tolathar if he is asked, but generally allows him to act of his own accord out of a deep respect for Tolathar’s sense of honor and duty to his people. His respect for the Drey Gelvani warrior runs deepest of all, perhaps, given that Tolathar is one of the few Tiercellus had personally faced in battle. Finally, he sees his beloved Gellawyn as the symbol of what he so vigilantly protects, and will always come to her aid. Tiercellus realized the folly of underestimating her capability, and now considers her a powerful ally and equal in the protection of the Gelvani.

Powers: Tiercellus knows when any Gelvani upon the mortal realm is in danger, or when any force attempts to enter Arvanis. He is a master of tactics, and he is able to inspire acts within his worshipers that allow are for the greater tactical advantage of the Gelvani, even if it seems pointless or even rash to them. Finally Tiercellus' shield is unbreakable. It is a relic belonging to his family line that has existed through the ages.

w/Gellawyn: Typhon

After life:


Worshipers: (short group names) Tiercellus is worshiped by most warriors amongst the Que-Gelvani and Grey-Gelvani. He has some gathering allegiance under the Drey-Gelvani, especially after appearing in full force in Shanothyr to defeat Nalghivorn who was rising to power once again. Any Gelvani going to battle will pray to Tiercellus for his protection and guidance.
Worshipers: When prayed to Tiercellus, may grant these powers.
1) All followers of Tiercellus receive a +1 bonus to Armor Class (2.5E).
1/Round Ability:
1/Day Ability:

Priests: The Priests of Tiercellus are the defenders of the Gelvani. They believe that they must sacrifice being able to live the Gelvani way of life In order to preserve it for their loved ones. They appreciate art, music, and dance, but deny themselves the joy of these to defend these freedoms from the expansionistic enemies of the elves. They forever guard the Gelvani borders, and adventure out to gain allies and experience. They believe that personal honor is great, but the good of the many is of more importance. All priests of Tiercellus serve to protect the Gelvani in different manners. The Legendary Roch'Dorai (Gelvani Knights) roam through the lands aiding innocents with their skills and powers while sometimes venturing out into the world to defeat enemies on their own home ground. The Terestai serve everywhere, constantly planning, developing, and discussing new strategies and spells, and honing their skills as well as the skills of other gelvani warriors.

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Originally a mortal, he was raised to Quasi-Deity status by Kelamin. Then later lost Quasi-deity status when he wouldn't join Kelamin's rebellion. Gelthena then gave him back his power, and Loran gave him the domain of Protection, raising him to a Demi-God status. Eventually the Que-Gelvani and Grey-Gelvani came to see him as the God of War to supplant Kelamin and he became a Lesser God. Then he battled Kelamin and won, thereby gaining Kelamin's powers. He is now an Intermediate God of War and Protection.

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