Power: IG
Alignment: CN
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Moarik Pantheon: Torun, Ronan Pantheon, Skarrel Pantheon, The Parthan Order: Torinos, Gods of War
Titles: The Lord of Storms
Portfolio: Storms, Strife, Horses, and the Torin Winds
Symbol: Lightning crossed in front of a spiked club (morning star)
Constellation: Mylltskr, a blue branching streak of shimmering star-matter in the sky that looks vaguely like a lightning bolt positioned around a set of stars that take the form of a morning-star.
Description: Torik is the mighty Lord of Storms born to rage across the world year by year, bringing torrential rains, devastating winds, and terrible storms. He is a mighty god of war, able to hurl javelins of lightning (called Odrgeir) and wielding his legendary morning star Mylltskr which is wreathed in lightning. He commands the winds that rise from the south east but he is master of storms, from the smallest rain shower to the mightiest tempest. Torik is feared and revered by many various and sundry civilizations.
Appearance: Torik appears as a titanic man with white skin and long wild steely grey hair which he keeps tied into dread-locks else his winds would rip it from his head. His beard is braided and held down with bronze bindings. His eyes are dark dark blue and appear to reflect a thundering stormy sky despite what the weather may be about him. He wears woollen robes and cloaks, and constantly carries his huge wooden morning star, jutting dragons teeth and crackling with lightning. Upon his belt he wears the ears of various titans and giants he has slain, and left foot is a blackened stump to which a wooden peg has been fixed. His voice is the thundering roar a ocean squall or the quiet hush of a gentle gale. He is often accompanied by his two horses, which pull his gold adorned chariott.
Personality: Torik is a furious warrior god who is swift to strike those he is angry with and just as swift to reward those who please him. He revels in his storms and rarely subdues them, even when his most vigilant worshipers pray to him. Thus, his followers have learned to buckle down and endure when he roars in the heavens. However, he is also extremely protective of his followers, and often answers their prayers when other dangers come around. He's been known to strike down enemies with a rain of lightning, or throw a bolt out of the blue to lay low a single foe. Torik carouses with various goddesses and even some giantesses and titans, but he disdains mortal women, feeling they are beneath him. Despite this he has only ever had one love, and that is Reahnyn. Unfortunately she does not return the love, and is barely aware that he has feelings for her. Torik buries his pain deep within and is thus prone to extreme mood swings. When in revelry he is overly boisterous, when angered he rages, and is often deeply depressed; and these moods have a great impact on the weather. Torik enjoys hunting giants and battling Titans. When Naeja commanded that no God could step foot upon the Mortal World again he was very upset. He has since then repeatedly broken this rule to hunt giants, though he has been careful to not awaken any Titans. Thus far Naeja has not stopped him.
Fathered by Sturmgar, the Titan of Storms, and Naeja, the Elder Goddess of Nature, Torik was created to send a storm over the world, blocking the intense light of Sheliak, separating her from the Fire Titan Zorik and breaking his enchantment over her. Together with his brother Kalrik they defeated Zorik and so Naeja said each could claim a bride from amongst the goddesses. Torik had long pined for Reahnyn, finding her beauty and gentle nature alluring; however, he was still serving his duty in drenching the world to ease the droughts. Kalrik was the first to return to Naeja, and he desired to take from Zorik his love so he claimed Reahnyn. Naeja had no choice but to fulfill Kalrik's wish, but just then Torik arrived and, learning of his brother's betrayal, demanded Reahnyn as his own. The two brothers immediately burst into battle, swords and axes thundering against each other. Reahnyn despised them both for their bitter battle, for their rage was rending the earth beneath them and killing all living things around. She called upon them to stop, and said that because Kalrik made the claim first she had no choice but to go with him. From then forth the two brothers were great foes. Torik's worshipers settled in the far west, and Kalrik's in the east. Furious, Torik demanded an equal prize from his mother as well as a fair gift to compensate for the wrong doing. Ishobel stepped forwards then and offered herself as his bride, for in him she saw great power that she could easily steer towards her own goals. He found her the exact opposite of Reahnyn, sensuously dark and cruel in spirit; so to spite his love he accepted Ishobel. Naeja then asked Torik to name his gift for the wrong doing of his brother, and Torik said he wanted command of lightning just like his father, so he could hurl it upon the earth and devestate Kalik's followers. Naeja told Torik it was beyond her power, but that if he wished to claim it she would give him a weapon to defeat Sturmgar and take the power from him. He agree, and so she drew a limb from the Tree of Life and gave it to him, which he forged into a club and set into it the teeth of a great dragon he had slain. Going forth he found his father high in the mountains and challenged him. A great battle ensued and Torik defeated the great Titan, who became a raging storm forever thundering in the high places of the world until the day he awakens again. Torik rose above this storm and drew forth from the air the power of his father, and raising his spiked club he spoke, "Into the very teeth of mein Mylltskr shall I bind thee, so it may rend my foes with lightning before it thunders upon their heads." Thereafter Torik ruled in the heavens with lightning at his finger tips, able to draw upon it as mighty Odrgeir (furious bolts) at his will, and doing so to thunder across the lands of his brother's people. Though he still hates his brother, there are times they travel together once more, competeing to see who can fell the most giants and the occassional Titan. In one story Torik challenged Kalrik in a spear throwing contest. Kalrik accepted and threw his so far that he lost it. Torik, of course, threw his lightning and it went even further, but he had no fear of losing it. Kalrik was furious and to this day searches for his lost spear, which he claims will be important in the coming war with the Titans. In other stories, Torik and Kalrik helped rear their two younger brothers, training them in war and showing them how to battle Titans. They were Memnos and Thamor. Much later, both younger brothers would come forth to defeat the elder brothers and supplant them as supreme rulers of their Pantheons, Thamor replacing Kalrik and Memnos replacing Torik. Those who still worship Torik claim there was never any such battle, only a contest given by Hathonae who they both wished to make their bride. And they claim Hathonae fixed it so Torik could not win. Torik and Ishobel had two children together, Danika, the Morning Star, and Cauldread, the Evening Star. There after they went their seperate ways. One of Ishobel's other children, Sirithreia, is a great serpent who encircles the oceans, and swallowed many of Torik's followers. Torik grew angry at her and tried to strike her, but he missed and she bit him on the ankle, poisoning him. The foot rotted, and so he hacked it off and, hewing the narrow end of Mylltskr off, he fashioned himself a peg for that leg. The power of the wood stopped the poison from spreading.
Powers: As god of storms, Torik can summon and control the weather and is only limited when in contest against another weather deity (gods of the skies and seasons). He can also hurl bolts of lightning, Odrgeir, from any sky under which he is worshiped and hits unerringly. His morningstar, Mylltskr, is the source of his power over lightning, and is also able to "slay" Titans. His charriott can fly through the air when pulled by his two horses, Harnefeld and Vahtsafold.
w/Ishobel: Danika and Cauldread

After life: Torik is a deity of nature and as such promotes reincarnation. In some pantheons worshipers follow suit with the afterlife imposed by that faith. In the Moarik Pantheon he grants his worshipers a choice of reincarnation or the afterlife of that culture.

Draegost is Torik's mighty eagle, a giant bird of prey in grey rayment with a golden crown. He circles the skies as Torik's eyes, always watchful for Silrithia. If the terrible serpent arises he tells Torik where to aim his bolts. He is most often seen as a dark shadow upon the storm clouds, since they make it difficult for Torik to look down upon the earth. Draegost is believed by some to be Torik's son and by others to be Torik himself. In some cultures he appears as a man with a furious great grey beard, wearing a golden helm, grey robes, and throwing lightning from a mighty staff he bears.
Harnefeld and Vahtsafold are Torik's two mighty horses that carry his chariot around the stormy skies of his kingdom. Harnefeld is dark grey stallion whose name means "rain stallion" and when he runs across clouds they darken and fall toward the earth, eventually letting out great and sudden bursts of rain. Vahtsahold is a pure white mare whose means "snow mare" and when she runs across the clouds they burst forth with billowy white snow that sprinkles the earth below. It is believed in the Moarik pantheon that they are the parents of all horses.

Worshipers: (sailors, farmers, warriors, Moarik peoples) Torik is worshiped most often by farmers and sailors. Before the Ronan Church came he was ruler of the Moarik Pantheon and in many rural parts of Moar he is still worshiped as the ruler of the gods.
Worshipers: When prayed to, Torik may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability: Resist Energy-electricity
1/Day Ability: Gust of Wind

Priests: Priests of Torik come from many and various cultures. Anyone who wishes to devote their life to summoning storms and controlling the weather can find followers nearly anywhere. Some priests worship Torik strictly for the power it grants them, and to Torik that is completely acceptable. So long as they are devoted to him and proclaim his power and glory he is glad to grant them a part of it.
Spell Domains: Weather,
Favored Weapons: Spear, Morning Star
Cleric Alignments: Any Chaotic
Dogma: "Storms are the greatest force of nature, respect the power of Torik."
Clergy and Temples: Torik often has shrines in farming villages and coastal towns. He has a few rare and important temples, usually built in far off hard to reach places, like the tops of mountains or on small remote islands. Usually a single powerful priest presides over these temples with a few servants and a couple acolytes.


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