Travelers Carriage

Traveler's Carriage (woundrous item)
Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


This large ornate carriage is pulled by four magical horses summoned upon command (as per the mount spell). These horses move at the same rate as normal horses, but are tireless, and thus can ride into all hours of the night. The carriage is driven by an automaton. The coach has black curtains over the windows and a gilded door. The interior of the carriage is richly adorned, with velvet seats, carpeted floor, and brass handles. Set in the middle of the back seat, though, is a gilded door. A command word must be spoken to open the door, and upon entering, the passengers find themselves in a large beautifully decorated chamber with magically lit lamps, a full library, and a number of chests for storage. This in in-fact a pocket-dimension held within the ethereal plane, with the only entrance traveling with the carriage. There are four windows that display beautiful nature scenes, but in no way reflect where the carriage actually is. By day, the room has elegant couches and tables, by night there are comfortable beds and nightstands. The carriage can hold up to twelve people comfortably. The driver will take the best road to any location it knows. This usually is the most common cities and easiest routes. However, it can always return to any location it has been before. The automaton will drive until it arrives unless otherwise commanded by the owner of the carriage. A bell chimes within the ethereal chamber to notify passengers of arrival. If encountering any impediment the driver will stop the carriage and a warning bell will chime in the chamber notifying passengers that something is wrong. If the carriage is destroyed, the pocket-dimension is also destroyed, and its denizens and contents are all dumped into the ethereal plane.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, alarm, mount, unseen servant, find the path, rope trick, secret chest ; Cost ?,000 gp

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