Tree Of Life

The Tree of Naeja is the ancestor of all trees. Her acorns fall from her high boughs to the eternal realms below, and there in the moist rich soil of Aelvanis grew the first of the trees of life. These huge trees have incredible power and are the reason Aelvanis is so precious. When the Gelvani were cast out of Aelvanis, the Seyl'Gelvani secreted with them a few of these acorns. Thus upon the mortal world they planted these trees in the hearts of vast and beautiful forests. Unfortunately many of them were destroyed by the terrible monsters that live there. Currently there is only one known tree of life to exist on the mortal realm and that is Myranith. It was grown from the only surviving acorn taken from its mother tree, Alanyth after it was burned to the ground by the Weylifin. The Myranith is at the heart of Seylvanmyr. Alanyth's remains became the Croghan, a great burned out stump in the heart of the Eilderwud that has become the castle of a host of terrible goblins. At one time three hags dwelt there and they cursed the forest around it.

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