The Tribune is the elected head of a Fraternity.

He is considered the most able man of his community. At times of peace, he is the enforcer of the laws. He is also his Fraternity's representative to the Archon who administers over their Thema, and conveys their concerns, needs, and complaints.

Though elected, his position is considered sacrosanct, for he represents the sum of his community. As such, all members of his Fraternity swear an oath to either bring to justice any who would harm a Tribune - theirs or another Fraternity's - or die trying. This makes the Tribune almost invincible in his role as law enforcer to any but foreigners, slaves, or those Parthans who have lost their mind and/or decided to quit their society. This also prevents Archons from being heavy-handed with the representatives of their constituents: slaying or imprisoning a Tribune without the consent of the Parthan Order would be tantamount to provoking legal rebellion. On those few occasions that an Archon has been so bold, the Primus and other Archons have been quick to bring the offender down - so as to prevent chaos.

In the workings of Parthan society, a priest of the Order is the arbiter of justice. To ensure justice is done, however, a priest can call upon one or more Tribunes from the Thema he is in to assist him in his work. The Tribunes, in turn, can command as many of the men from their Fraternity to join them in their undertaking. While serving the priesthood in this capacity, these men are afforded the right to wear armor - something no Parthan besides the Primus, the priests, or the Agema Scholae (who are the Primus' guards) can do within a Citadel's boundaries in times of peace! This, in effect, is the Parthan police system.

During times of war, a Tribune holds a commission within his Citadel's army. He is not just a battlefield officer, but -as during peacetime - and enforcer of discipline as well. Disobeying a Tribune, or inciting mutiny against him is tantamount to harming one during peacetime, and condemned with the same punishment. The size of a Tribune's command varies, but is generally limited to 50-100 men.

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