Troll's Blood Belt Of Turakath

(Epic Wondrous Item)

Price (Item Level):
Body Slot: Waist
Caster Level:
Activation: -
Weight: 10lbs

A black leather belt inlaid with mithril rings, studs, and engraved disks. Its buckle is also mithril, and dominated by what appears to be a large, exotic crimson stone—but is in fact hardened Troll’s blood.

The belt grants its wearer Trollish fortitude and regeneration. It bestows Fast Healing 5 (per round), except where fire and acid damage are concerned. If the wielder suffers the loss of a limb or other body part (including the head), the belt’s regenerative powers will re-grow it in 3d6 minutes—or in 1 round it is held to the stump. If one’s head is severed, his body continues the last action it was performing, and in the general direction it was heading (usually attacking whatever it bumps into).

Lore: The history of the Troll’s Blood Belt is largely unknown. What Kalthanan does know is that it is a powerful artifact created by Valaketh for the Barukar warlord Turakath. Its dweomers are powerful indeed, and, can protect its wearer from practically any damage short of flame and acid .

Cost to Create:

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