Tuar Seylvarin

Tuar-Seylvarin (Great Forest-River) is the Telani name for a massive glaciel river that flows out of the north of the continent of Verosia, dividing the land. This river has been named Ilnuvarin by the races living north of the Gelvani forests.

As the galciel river run southwards its first great divide is where the Drey-Seylvarin splits to head westward. This river divides Shanothyr, northern most of the Gelvanmyr, from Northern Verosia. This marks the dividing boundary of Northern Verosia and Southern Verosia. The greater force of the river continues south wards for many miles before it divides again. Here another branch turns south-west and divides the forest of Shanothyr from the forest of Mirivia. This is the Nol-Seylvarin, which is narrower, and flows quickly over many falls and rapids as it rushes towards the Bay of Brynlinia. The Tuar-Sylvarin is somewhat reduced by this branch, and its waters grow deeper and clamer as it continues south. This makes the river more meneable to boats of all sizes. Thereafter the Tuar-Seylvarin continues south for hundreds of miles, separating the Gelvani forests in the west from Rona in the east. Just past Mirivia the river splits again. The greater branch turns sharply west and seperates Mirivia from Metanmyr and Moar, and maintains the name Tuar-Seylvarin. It is also relatively slow moving and as such makes river travel far easier. The eastern branch is slightly narrower, but even deeper and slower as it turns towards the coast, where it empties out into Vas-Draga. It is called the Shanin River and seperates Rona from Gand. Its calm waters make it ideal for travel and trade, owing to the prosperity of its many coastal villages and towns.

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