This legendary bird is right out of Moarik Mythology. It is claimed that the beast sits upon the top boughs of the Tree of Life and laid the sun and the moons in the skies. Torik was said to have dominated the bird to gain dominion over the skies. These birds of the same name are believed to be its descendants and are occassionally found in the highest peaks of the mountains bordering the lands of Moar. They appear as great black falcons with golden feathers upon their chests and wingtips; and with a neck as long as buzzards, and the greatest of them having a wingspan nearing fifteen feet. Their talons are so agile that they are said to snatch the lance or sword right out of a knight's hand. Their eggs are said to be made of gold, and occassionally one is laid that is solid gold. They defend their eggs with incredible zeal. Their greatest power is the dominion of weather. The greatest of them are said to bring up a great storm and summon lightning when threatened.

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