In the far north eastern corner of the world there is a peninsula of earth and snow jutting down from Thothgald, the great glacier, into the Sea of Aegis. It is here that a race of powerful men has learned to master the seas and raid foreign lands. This is Valderheim and these people worship gods of the raw forces of the world and battle the ancient giants and Tröls who ravage their lands. They have long battled and traded with the Skarrels and often attack the coasts of the Ogre Kingdoms.

One Titan finally raised the strength to challenge the Duervan Empire. This was Olginthoth, Titan Lord of Ice. He created a terrible glacier, called Thothgald, which spread from the north, down and over the entire world. It split the earth and sundered the Duervan Empire. Thus began the Age of Ice. Snow blanketed the world and only the most endurable plants and animals survived. Isen, who froze the seas, fathered the Nordil, the Ice Giants, and they marched upon the Duervar. The Duervar were paralyzed by the terrible cold and were forced to retreat into the earth. The harsh cold grew worse over the centuries that passed and eventually the great glacier descended over most of the world. The ice split the earth and collapsed many of the Duervan Halls. In those dark times the Duervar of different strongholds could barely communicate with one another, and eventually, over mellenia, they began to forget even where all their great halls had once been.
The Duervan Gods battled the Titans as often as they could, but the Ice Age hindered them greatly. Eventually Magmodin came to his brother Vald and asked his aid in battling Isen and the Nordil. Vald agreed and joined Morak, who led a great army into the icy reaches of the north where they battled Olginthoth together. In the end the Children of Naeja were victorious, and Olginthoth was frozen into the very ice he had commanded. Isen and the Nordil retreated into the heart of Thothgald, to a place called Nordilheim.

It would be over a millennium before the Ice would recede. Though the Nordil were driven back into the frozen north, the Age of Ice had taken its toll, sundering the Duervan Empire.


After defeating the Nordil, Vald began to free the land in the north. He uncovered a great peninsula of earth with tall icy mountains and decided he would populate this land with his own children. He called this land Valderheim. He came to Isati, the Goddess of Fate and Destiny, and together they bore their own mortal children on the world, the Valdar. The Valdar were nothing when compared physically to the Nordil, but they were ambitious warriors with both wisdom and courage. They were handsome and imposing. None was more than half the height of a giant, but through their great strength and skill at arms they were a match for any giant. Isen was greatly angered when he saw the lands that once his people ruled now populated by a race both weaker and smaller than his own. He left his castle and came over the Ice to battle Vald. The fight was long and hard, for Isen brought with him a horde of giants and there were not many of the Valdar to aid in the battle. In the end Vald was defeated and Isen devoured him. Vald’s spirit ascended from the Mortal Realm into the Eternal Realm called ??? and there his spirits resides in his Golden Hall.

Isen went on to make the Valdar suffer under his foot. However, the Valdar fought back. In time their numbers had grown, and when there were enough, an army of their greatest warriors stood against Isen on the field of battle. They fought long and hard against him and many scores of them died, their spirits joining Vald in the Golden Hall. In the end the Titan Isen was slain and fell to the earth to become a great mountain range, the Isendar. As he died, the remaining heroes drank his blood as wine and became gods themselves, taking the name of the Isenjyr—the Bane of Isen (See the Isenjyr Pantheon for their specific names and stories). They drove the last of the Nordil out of Valderheim and across the Eastern Ocean. Then they gave Valderheim to the mortal Valdar and went over the ice to drive the remaining giants and lesser titans out of Nordilheim.

Thus was created the race called the Valdar, and as the millennia passed since they were fathered their blood has thinned. Those born now are not nearly as tall as their ancestors, but are still strong and skilled at war. They also still fight the Nordil to this day, who fled across the eastern seas to lands unknown and come time and time again to the land of Valderheim to try to retake their homeland.

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