Vambraces Of Relentless Might

(Epic Wondrous Item)
Price (Item Level):
Body Slot: Wrists
Caster Level:
Activation: -
Weight: 5lbs

A set of black steel plate vambraces shaped to resemble forearm musculature, dominated by emblems of war, death, and physical strength.

These vambraces grant their wearer with a +12 magical bonus to both his Strength and Constitution. It also treats him as a size Huge (2 sizes larger than normal) creature for the purposes of Combat Maneuvers (grappling, trip attempts, and bull-rush attempts).

Lore: There is no known lore regarding the origins of these vambraces. Kalthanan Korianthil claimed them from the corpse of Balak, king of the Barukar.

Prerequisites: …
Cost to Create:

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