Vas Meknor

This vast desert stretches across the heart of Southern Verosia. It is also called the Desert of the Shifting Sands. The eastern edges of the desert are wide savannah's, the southern edge is broken rocky bad-lands with weather worn plateaues and ancient dried river beds. The western edge is rough hills, sparsely vegetated, rising towards the arid mountains. The north western edge is a great waste of rolling dunes that stop abruptly at the great Wall of Tharaduum, a massive cliff that stretches for a hundred miles. The northern edge is much more fertile, as it quickly moves from sand dunes to arid tundra, grasslands and then forests and farmlands.

There are many stories telling of the creation of Vas-Meknor. The Duervar claim that at one time their mountains stretched much further east, but Amal and Galur both sent great titan armies to destroy them, leaving behind an arid wasteland. The Kamorans claim that Ishobel stole Ahad-Amal's chariott, driving it too close to the earth at times, creating the desert. And, the Mikanians, claim that it was created by the Djinn as a defense against the outside world, to protect their mighty city at Kal-Mikan. Of course, the desert's existence seems logical, since the massive mountains to the west block the ocean currents carried in from Vas-Morda and the great stretch of land to the east becomes more fertile the closer it comes to the coast.

Vas-Meknor is home to various tribal peoples, as well as the Mikanians and the Kamorans. There are also a small population of Lacertu and even some desert dwelling Giants.

Regions of the Desert:

Peoples of the Desert:
Mikanians Central Desert Folk, descended from Janni, live in cities. Wealthiest and elite.
Hojun'Tavall Nomadic Desert Tribesmen (based on the Turkoman and other desert marauders)
Khavikhoman SW Desert people. Build Stone Temples. Look up the Khiva Khanate. These were the people that Uthro ruined.
Mara'ishnu Peoples of the Western desert and Savannahs, agrarian society, mostly peaceful.
Keldravar A race of Duervar who live beyond the mountains
Lacertu Lizard race
Ashathaasar Serpent race
Creatures of the Desert:
Giant Spiders
Giant Scorpions
Giant Wasps
New creature: Medium arachnids with a pincher tail and leaps incredible distances
Giant Electric Scorpions
Live in region where lightning regularly strikes sand, creating glass
Oasis Worm: A giant worm that digs under ground, rises up at night and forms a pit. It regurgitates water into that pit, then waits for something to come try to drink the water. It snatches them and draws them under.
Desert Giants: solid black skin, jewel encrusted, tusked

Features of the Desert:
Sand Falls (lead into canyons)
Canyons with Stone Bridges (sw)
River of Fire (comes out of mountains and runs through desert, forming a sea of glass around it) (west and into canyons)
Plateaus (north of Kamora)
Vast dried river beds (runs through plateaus and up towards ruins of Kal-Kamora)
Ruins of Kal-Kamora (egyptian like ruins)
Duervan ruins (including an ancient duervan canal that is mostly buried in sand)
Sandfunnels: From time to time the sand seems to suck out from beneath and forms a whirlpool of sand. It usually only lasts moments and then seals up.
Bottomless pits: There are some places where a pit forms in the sand and seems to be bottomless. Why it forms and what keeps it from caving in is unknown.
Petrified forest (amidst northern eastern part of dried river beds)
Lightning fields (in this area near Acari, lightning seems to strike regularly. The sand forms spirals of glass beneath it, and these are gathered by the nearby peoples and sold. Some claim they can be used to forge magical items.; lightning scorpions live here. The reason for the lightning is because of a vast rich ore of highly conductive metal beneath this part of the desert that is yet to be discovered.).
Sand Quakes: Very rare, but when they happen they shake great portions of the desert. Often unearth some ruins. Those faithful to the old religion claim this is the ancient gods re-awakening.
Salt flats to south east, where once a great inlet was salt flats have formed. Pillars of salt are also about this area.
Bones: Many bones survive in the desert, but huge bones are found throughout the desert, suggesting a time when titans, giants and even dragons ruled this land. They are sometimes found near the duervan ruins.

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