Vorkar Weapons

Fresh-Bone Bow: This favored weapon of the orcs is a bow made of freshly hewn gelvani leg bones (fibula), wrapped in tight leather and cord. The key to its power is the ability of freshly cut bone to flex and rebound, which only lasts for up to two weeks after the bone has been drawn from a living body. Thereafter the bone is too rigid and breaks. Often the bow string is made from the long tendons of the leg from which the bones are drawn. The bow is very short, only four to five feet in length, depending on the bones used. The grip is usually a hard wood, with two leg bones forming the upper and lower arch of the bow. Though Gelvani leg bones produce the best bows, other bones can work but aren't nearly as effective.

Vorkar Cleaver: This specially designed broadsword has a thick blade designed for cleaving. It has a sharp edge on one side, and is thick and dull on the other, to add weight to the swing. The end is tapered, and not designed for piercing. The hilt is placed in center line with the back of the blade, so as to apply the full force of ones strength into the swing. The blade comes in various lenghts. Short Cleavers are usually only 1 1/2 feet in length, a Long Cleaver is 2 1/2 feet, with a 9 inch handle to allow it to be wielded with two hands, and a Great Cleaver is 4 feet long with a foot long handleand requires two hands to use.

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