Wailing Doom


A night-black sword of alien design, with a fearsome, serrated blade. Silver runes run along its entire length, appearing much like stars on a night sky. Its hilt is made of a smooth, jet-black, obsidian-like material. It features a twin, wickedly-barbed hilt guard (much like that of a saber’s, but running on either side of one's hand).

Wailing Doom was originally a vorpal longsword commissioned by the infernal warlord Tarthis to be her signature blade. It was forged of Abyssal steel, and crafted by a cabal of evil magi and their artificers in a citadel located in the Negative Material Plane. Since then, it has been enhanced by Kalthanan to its present state—a +6 longsword with the Vorpal, Armor Piercing, and Speed properties. It radiates a 45’-radius hemisphere of Fear (as per the spell) in front of its wielder that manifests as a banshee-like wail. Any opponent who hears this awful cry must make a Will save vs. a DC of 16 or suffer the effects of the relevant spell.

Lore: A dark weapon of fell power, Wailing Doom is an instrument of destruction whose origins lie in the Abyss and the Negative Plane. Always a powerful sword, it became an artifact in its own right in the last century, thanks to divine enchantments imparted on it by Kalthanan and Kelamin], the now-dead god of war.

Wailing Doom once belonged to the Marilith Tarthis, called the Dancer of Bloody Lament. Kalthanan bested her in single combat while very young, and took this, her finest blade, for himself. Its name is the same as that of a Bansidhe’s sword in an ancient Gelvani legend, and is evocative of the spirit’s deadly keening.

Cost to Create:

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