War Banner

War Banner (wondrous item)

Description: War Banners are powerful magical items crafted by the high priests of the gods of war. Each war banner is specific to that deity, and usually only one exists for each god at a time. The war banner hangs from a long dark wooden pole crested with a gilded spike. The banner itself is rectangular and drapes from a cross pole that is attached just below the spike. It is crafted from a thick leather, usually from a rare creature (such as a dragon’s hide). It is adorned in the colors and symbols of the god for whom it is designed. Etched across the top in religious script are words that emulate that deity’s personal beliefs, such as “Unto thine enemy, death and dishonor; Unto thee, victory and glory!”
Powers: A war banner carries with it the power of the god of war. Any army bearing it has incredible courage, strength and willpower. All those who face an army carrying the banner are struck with fear and weakness. Also the specific person who carries the banner is protected from attacks.
So long as the bearer of the War Banner doesn’t attack another person he is protected as per the Sanctuary spell. As long as the bearer holds onto the War Banner, even if in combat, he is protected as per the spell Protection from Normal Missiles. Since the War Banner is so heavy and awkward the bearer usually must use two hands to wield it (unless size large or having a strength of 20+).
All those who fight on the side of the person who bears the War Banner gains the following bonuses when in battle:
+4 morale bonus to saves vs. fear
+1 morale bonus to all saves
+1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls
All those who fight against the side of the person who bears the War Banner suffers the following penalties in battle:
-4 morale penalty to saves vs. fear
-1 morale penalty to saves
-1 morale penalty to attack and damage rolls
The range of these bonuses is “within sight of the war banner” or one mile (if out of sight). Because of this, the person bearing the War Banner is usually positioned on a high hill or wall.
Variations: There are banners for each god of war in a campaign, and a DM may choose t have one for gods not particularly designated as war gods. Also, the DM may allow non-religious banners to exist, if he feels that it suits his campaign.

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