Just as sorcerers can learn to control the forces of the universe, so can most other highly intelligent races of the world. However, unlike sorcerers, this power is not always natural. Thus, it takes a great deal of knowledge and effort to control magic. This is why wizards have learned to record their knowledge and share it, so that in time, with a great deal of effort and communal generosity, they can master this art. Sorcerers can cast magic, but wizards learn to cast magic.
Wizards are found in many different races and societies, but they are almost never found in duervan, folkin, and bamorian cultures. Neither are they found in orcish, hobgoblin, or any goblinoid culture, which usually only have sorcerers. There are always exceptions; however, if ones own race does not have wizards it becomes difficult to learn this skill without some great outside influence. Wizards try to gather and form great libraries of knowledge, but that makes them targets for those who despise or fear them. There are many secret and not-so-secret communities of wizards in the world.

Wizards Spell Lists by Level

Wizards of Moar

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