Wizard Libraries

Arcane Libraries

Wizard Orders have a standard practice for managing their Arcane Libraries, the storehouses of their shared magical knowledge. The facilities are in high demand, and the Orders are very careful about who they allow access to the library. Copies of spells can't be made by just anyone. The Wizards want to manage distribution of magical knowledge, keeping certain lore within their Order only. Thus, lower ranking wizards have very restricted access to the Libraries. Higher ranking wizards have greater.

Rank Arcane Library Access
Apprentice Instruction Only
Adept Unrestricted Libraries
Wizard Restricted Libraries
Master Master's Libraries
Mage Mage's Libraries
Arch-Magus Total Access

Library Content

What is within each library is determined by each order, but generally they follow these guidelines:

Arcane Library Access Library Contents
Instruction Only Predetermined 0 level spells and 1st level spells
Unrestricted Libraries Most 0 level spells, common 1st-3rd level spells
Restricted Libraries Most 0-3rd level spells, common 4th-5th level spells
Master's Libraries Most 4th-5th level spells, common 6th-7th level spells
Mage's Libraries Most 6-7th level spells, common 8th-9th level spells
Total Access All Libraries, including Secret Libraries*
  • Withdrawing Books: Spell books can almost never be withdrawn from the library. Only Mage's can withdraw books from the unrestricted and restricted libraries, and only an Arch-Magus can withdraw books from the Master and Mage Libraries.
  • The contents of each library is listed with each Wizardly Order.
  • Secret Libraries: Some wizard orders maintain secret libraries that contain spells they forbid their members to learn. Only a Mage may gain access to these libraries, and only with the permission of the Arch-Magus. The Arch-Magus is the only person with total access to these libraries.

Scheduling Library Time

Everyone but the Arch-Magus must schedule time in the Arcane Libraries. Those who reside within a day's travel of the library often have regularly scheduled time. Those visiting must take the first open slots available to them. Time must usually be scheduled with the Scheduling Clerk at least three to five days in advance. Some exceptions are made when an opening presents itself. Of course, copying spells into a spell book also costs component costs and time. Since a spell takes at least one hour per spell level to scribe into a spell book, the limits on daily time limit what spells may be copied.


Use the following chart to randomly determine when the first opening is available in the library for a character trying to schedule time. It is assumed the character can schedule up to 10 consecutive days. At the end of that time, he must wait at least 10 days before he can schedule more library time. The player should roll again and if the number is less than 10, he would wait exactly 10 days.

A more influential wizard can bump a character at the GM's discretion. This may be a higher ranking wizard or one of equal ranking but with a higher charisma. It would very rarely be one of lower ranking (though a higher ranking wizard might schedule time for a lower ranking wizard and cause this to happen).

Note that Charisma has an impact on when the library will be made available. The GM may also allow certain skill checks to be made in influencing the Scheduling Clerk. Please note that the Scheduling Clerk should be protected from most charm spells.

Rank No Days until Opening
Apprentice NA
Adept 1d10+2 - Cha Mod
Wizard 1d8+2 - Cha Mod
Master 1d6+2 - Cha Mod
Mage 1d4+2 - Cha Mod
Arch-Magus no delay
  • Time is scheduled in 10 day intervals (or less if the wizard so chooses).
  • At the end of any scheduled time the wizard must wait at least 10 days before he can schedule his next time. Roll, and if the number is less than 10, he must wait 10 days.
  • Only the Arch-Magus does not have to schedule time.
  • Library Time each day is determined on the next chart.

Library Time

How much time is allowed in the library on any scheduled day is dependent on the character's rank as well. The larger the population of the Order the larger the library, so there is no adjustment for the population size of the Order. Once in the door the wizard can divide these hours up among any of the libraries he has access to.

Rank Daily Library Time
Apprentice -
Adept 2 hours/day
Wizard 4 hours/day
Master 6 hours/day
Mage 8 hours/day
Arch-Magus Unlimited*

In example: A Master schedules time in the library by contacting the Scheduling Clerk. The player would roll 1d8+2 - his Charisma Modifier (2) and gets a 6 (rolled 8 +2 -2= 6). He schedules 6 hours every day for the next ten days. When he arrives 6 days later he spends about half his time in the Master's libraries and goes to the Restricted Library for the rest of his time. Though the Restricted library was already booked he isn't prevented from entering, and it just gets a little crowded. He cannot, though, use the Mage's library as he does not have access. After 10 days of study (60 hours) he must wait at least 10 days to schedule more library time.

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