Worshiper Abilities

The gods want worshipers and will grant their divine grace and blessings upon those who truly believe in them.

When a worshiper prays to their deity, the GM decides if the worshiper has been a faithful follower of the god. If so, the GM may allow one of two abilities. The 1/Round Ability is a benefit granted at the beginning of a scene and persists during that scene. The worshiper should spend at least one round praying, and if the prayer is answered he is aware of it. Thereafter, for the rest of that scene the benefit is received. The 1/Day Ability can only be used once, and only for the purpose intended with the prayer. Again, the worshiper should pray for at least one round and if the prayer is answered he is aware of it. Thereafter, he has the option to use this ability until it is expended, and so long as it is for the purpose intended in the prayer. The GM may opt to allow a prayer as a swift action, if the ability gained would be a combat ability or immediately save the worshiper's life.


Worshipers: (short group names) description of worshipers
Worshipers: When prayed to, may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability:
1/Day Ability:

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