Woryk (Wo’ryk)
Power: GG
Alignment: CN
Pantheons: Gods of Mortality
Titles: The Mad God, Chaos Bringer,Master of the Red Moon
Domains: Chaos, Destruction (Free Will, Sorcery)
Symbol: A red sphere
Constellation: The Red Moon
Description: Woryk is the God of Free Will. Aminus created him and his sister, Isati, after the Mortal races were born. They represent the two diametrically opposed forces that mortals face; fate and free will. Woryk represents the ability of the mortal races to overcome the power of fate and destiny. He empowers those who seek to free themselves from the rigid path set before each mortal by Isati. Woryk is also a god of arcane magic. Magic, after all, being the ability of mortal men to overcome the divine power of the gods to control the world. Arcane magic is very much an attempt to assert free will to change destiny.
Woryk was, for a long time, a powerful force; but all that changed when he was driven mad. Silrithia (also called Siritheia) had seduced him and from their union she produced a race called the Lacertu. For hundreds of years he taught them the powers of sorcery, but some sought the dark arts that he forbade them to learn. When he discovered their treachery he set himself to destroying the wizards amongst them. When Silrithia learned what he was doing she bit him, poisoning him. He The vile venom didn’t destroy him, as he is Greater God, but it drove him mad. His anger became rage, and he turned on all his children. He brought forth a terrible storm that wrought chaos upon the sorceries of the Lacertu and left a path of waste in its wake. To prevent them from ever rising to greatness again, Woryk returns every eighty years to destroy the land again. Woryk is now viewed as a god of destruction and chaos.
Appearance: Woryk appears once every eighty years, descending from his red moon as it enters the atmosphere and destroying everything in his path as he traverse’s the world. He is always huge, walking with great strides. His brazen skin is dark brown, his wild hair is blood red, and his eyes are solid crimson spheres. He is always cloaked in a storm of red sand storm and wild magical energies. He dons a demonic suit of black, banded armor and his image seems to constantly shift. His contorted facial features are constantly distorted by the fluxing magic around him.
Personality: Woark is completely insane, seeking the utter destruction of everything in his path. Only Loran’s control of the celestial movements keep him in check. As soon as he is able to reach the mortal world, though, he descends upon it and strikes out at all that cross his path.
History/Relationships: Woryk is the brother of Isati the Goddess of Destiny and Prophecy, and Hedaera Goddess of Fate and Death.
Powers: Woryk causes all magic within a hundred miles of him to go completely chaotic. It changes energy types, fluctuates in duration, and even backlashes on casters. Woryk can destroy all living things he approaches, drawing their energy to fuel his magic.
w/Siritheia: The Lacertu
Worshipers: Very few people choose to worship Woryk. Those that do revel in chaos or believe that they can attain great and powerful secret arcane knowledge through worshipping the deity.
Priests: Woryk does have a very small following of priests. They seek to inflict chaos upon the world and revel in discord. The destructive power he wields can be tempting to those who wish to attain such power.
Afterlife: Woryk himself offers no particular afterlife. The few who worship him follow the afterlife basis of their own religion.

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