The God-Slayer, a being whose power was a threat even to the divine; even mighty Kelamin Kahn was wounded direly by him. Originally thought destroyed millennia ago, by long-lost Fealadryn and his allies, Zantismal returned when Kalthanan Korianthil and his adventuring companions inadvertently disturbed his prison. Zantismal once more knew defeat and imprisonment at their hands.

Zantismal was one of the Arudaione, a race created by Aminus far from the continent of Verosia. These were natural sorcerers, beings gifted with control over the forces of creation themselves. During the apogee of his people, Zantismal focused his power and ambitions toward usurping controls of the daemonic forces of Infernus itself. Eventually, unholy demon army he and his confederates has raised grew out of control. Zantismal, who had become corrupted, convinced the other Arudaine that he could keep them in check, so long as his brethren willingly transferred the mystical power and control each of them held over the demons to him. He then betrayed them, destroying almost all of his brethren. Following this holocaust, only two Aurdaione survived: Zantismal himself, and the one man of their race who had opposed him all along, Zarthandir.

Zantismal continued to rise in power and over the millennia has come and gone - from plane to plane, and in and out of the obscure annals of ancient history. His power eventually became such that it could destroy even the gods, and he began to hunt them.

At one time, Zantismal's goals might have fit in some murderous and despotic vision of domination. Since his total corruption by Aibhistear, however, his ultimate ambition has become the oblivion of all of creation, to destroy all that Aminus created. He is now the exact oposite of what Aminus had intended the Arudaione to be.

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